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Complex, elegant webshop development with credit card payments and integrations


Have a webshop that makes you profit!

Over the past 5 years, we have been working on the development of many webshop systems and have found that if a webshop is not user-friendly enough, slow and even ugly, it can affect the revenue of a given company by up to 80%.

We have increased the turnover of several webshops (2-3 times!) only by designing a demanding and clean image for them.


A webshop must have a clean appearance and, by definition, a lightweight interface (foolproof solutions) on which almost anyone can navigate.

We pay special attention to the speed of the systems and the one-page payment interface. We also use solutions that the older age group can easily handle by phone.

Our goal is to make your webshop do everything it can to get internet users to shop.


Integrations and development.

It is possible to integrate several external softwares. Whether it's paying by credit card, connecting a warehouse management system or automatic invoicing, or integration of gls parcel points.

The admin interface of the webshop system is extremely easy to use and it is also possible to upload bulk products. It's easy to manage orders and their statuses. There are automatic confirmation emails for customers about everything. It is also possible to create individual promotions or even coupon.


What are the main points of a webshop system?

  • It has a unique image tailored to your company
  • 100% compliant with current online trends
  • Optimized for all mobile devices
  • Easy-to-use admin interface
  • Easy-to-use admin interface
  • We offer a 2-year warranty
  • 100% support service
  • Form Management Program
  • Newsletter system
  • Gallery
  • Blog engine and label system
  • Facebook linking, embed other social media sites
  • Unlimited product upload options, children's products
  • Multi-column categorization. Manufacturer rating
  • Unique fields (size, color, presentation choice...)
  • One-page payment interface
  • Purchase without registration
  • Creating promotions, couponing
  • Custom filter fields, ajax finder
  • Autimatic confirmation emails
  • ... and much more. Write to us for details.

Get your company a professional website!

In addition to your webshop, we can provide related services such as marketing support, product photography, copywriting. With the help of these services, we can upgrade your webshop data to a serious level.

If you would like a professional, elegant and serious webshop, write to us!

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