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Product catalogue system with thousands of products resembling an e-commerce webshop structure


Catalog system for your products

If you don't want a webshop, but you want your products to be structured on your website in a categorized, filterable way, then the catalog system is for you!

We make you a unique and extremely user-friendly system, which is extremely durable. Your customers can request quotes from you via the website, which will be displayed to you via email.

In order for customers to find the ideal products, we pay great attention to product categorization and filtering during the design process. That is why we put in a chechbox filter system, which usually appears on the left side and allows users to find the ideal products for them in 2-3 seconds.


Why is the catalog system better than a regular website?

On the website you can post new news or "product" in the form of articles. This is not structured and does not suggest a professional effect in a company that distributes products.

The catalogue system suggests much more professionalism and thanks to its structured structure it is easy to adjust from thousands of products.

When you upload your products to your catalog system, not only will your seriousness increase, but you'll also be ranked more heavily in Google. It plays an extremely important role in search engine optimization.


Have a professional catalogue system for your company!

Have a professional catalogue system for your company!

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