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Suzuki Zrt. and a creative campaign

The outreach for Suzuki Zrt. in our direction involved solving a completely complex problem, which they wanted to solve with the help of an advertising campaign, so we came into the picture.

Unique prose and solution

With the arrival of the new Swift, they wanted to make a big splash, but they really wanted to reach out to a different group of customers, because the pretty high value and price that were not typical for previous Swifts, made the car less interesting. However, this had to be communicated somehow, and be able to reach a younger generation.

We made a video series that was watched by over 30 million people on one of our biggest youTube channels in Europe and attracted interest among young people.

Video shooting

Oliver Amon, who is one of the most well-known racing drivers and car stuntmen in Hungary, helped us to film things that they had not yet done with a Suzuki car. We have replaced a lot of technical tricks with real actions and events.

We think you should check it out, you will like it!


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